Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas If you thought the 1st book was confusing, this one is even more so
The first book in this series ended with a cliffy, and I did not read the book until I also had this one in hand and had read sufficient reviews to assure me that the second book ends in a much better place. Things were not much better in this book, in fact, the substance abuse and crazy antics may even have put me off continuing to read the book. But I did finish the book and although it is long and detailed in the everyday happenings between the characters, nothing much actually happens. It is like a soap opera in that sense, just translated to the land of Bridget Jones, where no one has to really struggle in their lives and can get into a lot of crazy behaviour. If I don't feel strongly about the theme of alcoholism that makes the Hero less perfect, then its because I don't really care about him. If I don't feel strongly about Ava getting pushed and pulled in her life, it is because I don't really care about her. I think in making this book so confusing to the reader without spending the time explaining the reasoning behind the OTT moments, the characters are rather de-humanized. They were like puppets moving about on the page spending money, having sex, screaming and yelling at one another, but the more dramatic they get the less human they appeared. I think it is a mistake to let that happen to your characters in a romance book, and I think if the last book in this series is more of the same then I can't say this is even a romance.

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