Melt Into You - Roni Loren not hot at all,very bland book,
I don't think that the book reflects at all what the blurb and other reviews seem to imply, that it is a hot book of erotica about two doms. I think if i did not read the description of the book, I could have read it like a sweet romance from Christie Ridgway or Rachel Gibson. This book is nothing like Shayla Black books. So the doms are hardly alpha or dominating, they have too much self-doubt and kept dropping the D role all the time. No wonder the submissive was also not really keen on her role other than getting wet panties whenever she said Sir. really? The whole premise of the conflict which was that somehow this woman owed the rest of her life to marry a gay man who did not want to come out to the public was also underwhelming. Then there was the whole history that the heroine had with Jace, which could have been so much more strongly written but it was cast aside with a few tears and a few apologies, what? The last issue I have with this book was that the times when the three were in the menage or the times when Jace and Andre are together are the times that were completely missing from this so-called erotica book and we get the one month later, a few weeks later, thing that many lazy writers seem to do. If you want to read a hot menage, read Barbara Elsborg and if you want to read about BDSM in romance read Cherise Sinclair and many others. Don't read this book.

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