Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3) - Roni Loren Another yawn inducing book......yawn!!
Better than the last book, but still not a hot book at all. The plot line about the whistle-blowing and the eager reporter was a flop, for me. There was nothing interesting nor gripping about it. Once again the reasoning for the bdsm/sub training that the h decided to go through, in order to feel more polished as a woman was not at all believable, who goes to a Dom for this? Who are these people who have sex with someone they just met and in bdsm do people actually do this, give over their bodies and their trust to others that they don't even know? What really bothered me, was the wishy-washy dom and man, supposedly the end-all of all doms, he could not even hang onto her to give her aftercare, and when it came up as an issue all he could come up with was a bland sorry and confessions about his sad past. He could not kiss the heroine without having a major meltdown and she was such a doormat, she just accepted it all. Even in the scene where he tells her he loves her, it sounds as if she is just railing against him, if she really was all that independent she should have walked away, called her brother to come pick her up since she did not have a car, and let the H do a little chasing. As it was all he did was walk around like a mopey sad-sack and somehow the book came to an end.

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