Game Plan - Karla Doyle Good in the beginning, end was a disappointment,
This book started very well, and for most of the book, was interesting and very very sugary sweet. I could not identify with the heroine who did not seem in touch with her emotions, she was more in touch with her sensual side and that seems odd for a woman of forty, she seemed to have baggage but i am not sure how that made her emotionally defunct. If she was a mother and spent twenty years as an adult woman, one would think she would be softer emotionally but she seemed almost harsh. If anyone was going to turn into the mother-in-law, i think the heroine was well on her way. Then came the break-up and make-up, for all the sweetness of before the break-up was pretty brutal (if disjointedly described). What was completely unbeleivable was that the heroine was complacent about what had happened even until she saw the hero again for the first time, when she smiled him only!!! I could guess that these two did not really love each other very much, they were in lust. It was not true love at all. She had a stronger reaction to being told what to wear than she did for the break-up which was awful. Then when they finally did start speaking again, it was never addressed so there was no closure. Once again if you dont really love someone its easy to skim over the tough stuff. I think the book was was romantic and erotic, but a real love story, NO!

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