Private Practice - Samanthe Beck Loved this book, funny and sweet
I fell in love with Tyler and Ellie, even before they knew they loved each other. This author brought both characters to life for me in a way that was both hilariously funny and sweet. It was not a hot romance but there were many moments of sexual tension that were even better. My imagination filled in the blanks, lol. The basic premise of the book, a woman who has created quite a solid dream-life centered on a man that she barely knows, who then goes to another man to get more educated sexually has been done before and I don't care for it. I can't really like a heroine whose actions have, what seems to me a massive flaw in reasoning which makes the book unrealistic to me. What worked for me then, was this author's clever and witty writing, and I was able to overlook the silliness of the idea, and just enjoyed the book for what it was, a good, funny and entertaining read. Well done!

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