Always You - Kirsty Moseley meh!
A forgettable book, I am not sure what I just read, because its so not memorable, but not in a bad way. I read this book thinking it would be a sweet story but there were stalkers and stabbing included in the book. The book seemed very poorly put together, I think that violence is often used as a tool by writers to invoke a sense of drama, in most cases it works because the reader cares for the victim or the protector, in this book I did not really care. The only person I cared about was Clay and even when he got really badly hurt, it was still about Riley all the way. Something was missing here, the parents who seemed more high-strung than the teenagers and the teenagers who appeared to have all the privileges of adulthood with no responsibility except to one another. I guess at least they had that. I will not be reading this book again or recommending it.

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