Raid - Kristen Ashley A good addition to this series by KA, 3.5 stars
I am glad I read this book, and I liked both Raiden and Hanna. I also liked Grams, Rachelle, Ruthie and Spot the cat. I was not sure until about halfway in that I would like the hero but that is not the first time that has happened for me reading KA's books. Her very skill as an author is turning the situation around before you know it, and the reader is crushing on the hero. What I did like was the sweetness that the heroine brought to his life, the laughter and the meaning she gave his future. Even though I don't always like to read the positively tortured sentences the characters make especially at climactic moments such as in the middle of an argument, I was able to overlook this and enjoy the book for what it is, a hot romance between an unconventional hero and his love. This book is the hottest book out of all KAs books, in my opinion, the sex scenes are thoroughly described and are very provocative for a contemporary romance. Unlike others where the reader was thrown into the bedroom action midway or it is abruptly ended with a scene change, this book surprised me pleasantly by taking those scenes to an erotic place.
The only part I felt was jarring to me, was the seemingly gratuitous violence and the very very brief aftermath during which I would have thought Raiden would have been far far more attentive to Hanna, during her recovery. Not to mention, did she not need therapy after having been punched and violently beaten by three gang type thugs to the point where she probably has organ damage? This was the part of the story that although I did not want to dwell on more, I thought was too abruptly treated in this story, if the three heroes from the other stories had to be brought in over a crisis, I wish it was not over extreme violence dished out to the heroine. So overall, the book was good but I could not really get past the violence at the end.

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