Playing Jax (Wylde Shore 2) - Jan Graham Could have been better
This story is about an ex-nun and a tattoo-wearing motor-cycle riding Policeman, who end up as neighbours. So much potential.....where did it all go wrong? The story starts with the extensive extensive discussion and description of her flight from England to Australia and its boring. On the H side it is all about his police work and the drug ring they are trying to bust up. The villain is made to be more interesting than anyone else in the book. So at some point the two, h and H do meet and the h goes from a complete innocent to a highly sexualized woman in the blink of the eye.....apparently all it took was a look at his tattoo and that was it. Completely unbelievable and this continues when there is a lot of discussion about whether she's a natural submissive or not with people who are essentially strangers to her, this all happens in a matter of days after this woman has spent 17 yrs or so living the sheltered life of a nun. Its like the author does not care much for believability in her story so why should I look for it in my reading? There's villains upon villains thrown into the story until I was skipping pages looking for a brief glimpse where the h and H are actually talking or together. What an absolute disappointment.

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