Promises Reveal (Berkley Sensation Historical Romance) - Sarah McCarty Nothing really revealed here..........
Here is what I don't understand about the authors of this genre, they really need to quit while they are ahead. Unlike other fields where you don't have to spend hard earned money to find out if a CD or a song is a dud, with books you have to actually buy it to learn that it was a big old dud. Sorry but this one turned out to be exactly that. As other reviewers have pointed out, we were thrown into the story with nothing, all of a sudden there was all this activity and the only saving grace was that if you are fond of this author and read her previous works you were somewhat led by your experiences through this story. It was almost as if you had to have read a background book to understand what was going on here. Hmmm, one good thing was that there were not many typos in this book.

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