Natural Law - Joey W. Hill ploddingly slow and disconnected, nothing nice to say about this book!
This review is not an "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing" type......I started and re-started to read this book about 20 times in the past month since I bought it. I just could not get past the abrupt introduction of "Violet- the world's MISTRESS".....who was she, why was she a mistress (she didn't even know what compelled her). Ms Hill writes great men, her book "Branded Sanctuary" has Brendan...possibly my favorite hero of all books, this book had Mac. Mostly, I read romance books because I identify with the heroine, if she has some substance to her, even if I don't agree with her point of view (tstl moments), I can still feel for her. In this case, Violet did nothing for me and I felt sorry for Mac, he carried on about his "powerful pixie" or some such drivel all through the book. Got tired of it pretty quick. I see all the good reviews this book received and can't help but feel that I missed something, but remember, I tried some 20 times to start the book and finish it, Violet " the-Mistress-who-wasn't" did not let me. I have two other issues with Joey Hill's writing.....she tries to make D/s like a religion, like a calling, which is pure bull. Just because some people like it and like it very very much should not make it a cause, its just a personal preference. No need to pontificate!!!! The last issue I had with this utterly stupid book was the moment where Violet faced the murderess (is that even a word?) and the "murderess" has two men all strung up and beaten and is dithering about whether she should label herself a sub or a domme. In this moment Violet comes in and starts dithering a bit herself and is told to undress or some such nonsense (because that makes so much sense at this time), she starts making some stupid statement.....since both men are natural subs and since the murderer was a sub but became a domme and so she was the only true domme in the room, so give me your gun. Sounds like some bdsm version of an immature conversation kids would have in a playground......If the world of D/s, depends on idiots like her to call out to emotions in others, I despair of the so-called message we are supposed to get from this, what high-falutin message is here? It was just annoying. Please Violet, take your little pixie self and lump it. Give me Chloe and Brendan anyday, now there's a book I would re-read 20 times!!!

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