Love My Way - Karen Booth Heroine is not nice at all...
One of the previous reviewers wrote that the heroine seems cold and calculating, but thought that this was fine because the heroine blooms as the book comes along and ends up being likeable, in fact this and other (only 5 star) reviews was the reason I purchased the book. In 1822 kindle locations, however, I am not sure there is "room to bloom" and as I read this book I found I had a different opinion. I disliked the heroine from the get-go and found it difficult to read the book at all because of this. I was bored in the first chapter, it reads like poorly written erotica, not romantic at all. There should have been some buildup of her past relationship and the initial meeting between Peter and Katie (unless this is a spin-off book in a series), because it was distasteful to me in that Peter was into her and trying to be nice and she came across as a user and he knows and accepts it. I guess this trope has been used over and over but in the other direction where the man usually has been so hurt that he thinks it alright to be hurtful in turn to women. It is never admirable to read that and similarly put a bad taste in my mouth in this book, where the woman does this. I haven't finished the book and won't.....but if you like to read romantic female characters who are calculating and have multiple X one-night-stands, then maybe you will read this boring book.

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