My Liege of Dark Haven - Cherise Sinclair Something's always missing from cherise sinclair's books
This is a mostly well written book of erotic romance, a bit "cinderella-ish" with the evil step sister, but I am glad that part was kept to a minimum. I was not impressed with Xavier at all, his ideas about women were based on loss and seemed not possible for a man who supposedly respects women and built his whole life and business around them to be the same man who treated women so callously in his personal life. What was the whole compartmentalization stuff about women at home, at the club, in social settings, and on and on......? He didn't seem so hot to me and emotionally seemed disconnected so I did not get into the conflict and the reconciliation at the end, which was short and over too quickly. But other than master Z from another book, non of cherise's heroes are ever real to me. I think she has a very good knack at getting the women's characters right but she's not great at writing men. This hero seemed cold and numb to me. It made for a mediocre erotic romance.

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