Bared to You - Sylvia Day $8 for way!
BTY is awful....without getting into the who copied who and when....probably that story of people with giant egos looking to destroy each other over book sales deserves its own book ( which i will not read) i don't have time for any of them.....i will say this simply a case of good math, bought BTY when it was $5.... I read it without knowing the back story, and around the same time i read FSOG, the trilogy. I would not buy BTY at the $8 price tag it has now because its just not a good book and i definitely will not be buying the follow up at $10... I simply have too many great and highly creative authors to choose from (Hold 'Em,The Men with the Golden Cuffs, Masters and Mercenaries, Book 2 (Volume 2), Creed (Unfinished Heroes)) to care much about copycat authors whose work appears to be the publishing equivalent of thievery. Also, I looked at SD's profile on amazon and she is so self-promoting and almost like she can't believe she is true, who makes a listmania list of her own books, in every format even of books that have not come out yet, she seems slimy and sleazy to me.
Also, everyone is abused in these books,seems to be a common theme in romance today.... The man was abused, the woman is definitely abused, her sister too, the dog maybe, the friend and the neighbour (not to trivialize the importance of sexual abuse as a situation in our society, i think these stupid authors are doing a pretty good job of trivializing this issue, by using it to add sensationalism to their books to boost sales). I can picture the publishing exec sitting in some conference room telling the brainless author " sexual abuse sells books.....pedophilia especially", and this self-absorbed author sitting there saying "yes of course you are right if i can add $4 to the price of my book". I would suggest to all romance authors out there, it is not pleasant to imagine other people, woman or man at any age being abused just for the sake of your boosting sales, its a very real issue that touches the hearts and lives of real people and their loved ones.
So dear author,I made a mistake and bought one book of yours and never will again, so slither away into your hole in the ground and keep writing copycat will never see another dime from me.

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