One Wrong Move - Shannon McKenna Way overpriced and over-used plot- line!!
I bought this book like so many other people might have thinking this is Shannon McKenna who wrote the McCloud brother books ( i forgot about Fade To Midnight). This was a huge mistake!! The story has been summarized well by other people but I cannot emphasize enough how the thriller plot-line of this latest book, which centers around a bunch of villains who squeeze (psychologically) the minds of their victims, colorfully described as a python snake (squeezes its victims). This psi-ability is an over-used plot line in books nowadays, everyone from children's authors to fantasy authors are milking it and there's just nothing new here. I read the book twice, once from cover to cover and the second time skimming over the "action", the second read at least made me remember that I did like this author before, when her writing and in particular, superlative descriptions about everything from people's looks to the emotions of the hero, were still entertaining. This in contrast was a epic flop for me.

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