The Reluctant Nude - Meg  Maguire A difficult book to read, unsatisfying romance.
This book was tough going from the beginning...... I did not realize this author also writes as Cara Mckenna. As I read the book I felt the complete detachment of the heroine , Fallon, and realized later that made sense because it seems to be a type of woman -heroine for this author. There's always a cruel aura around her women characters and a kind of toughness that seems too edgy and harsh. I would not read this book again because it made feel frustrated with Fallon, and that's just not something to look forward to when reading a romance and not a particularly erotic one at that. The conflict in the book was completely and utterly unbelievable, a villain who is willing to pay somebody a fortune to make a provocative statue of a young woman whose only connection to him is that she opposes his construction projects, hmmmmm! The only saving grace of this book was the hero Max, who shone in contrast to Fallon dullness, even when he brokedown and cried out what was in his heart she kept berating him and yelling at him for letting her down, I was pretty let down myself by this point and in any reality, I dont think that a man who has so much to offer is going to make a grand gesture of love to a woman who is so unfeeling. It wasn't as if she was a high- maintenance beyaatch type that some men love I just did not get her at all. The only piece of the puzzle that i can figure out is that this is just typical for this author, and that i will not read this book again.

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