The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski A very very sweet book, odd last two chapters
I liked this book overall, I would read it again, but I would begin after the soul-searching is done on the part of the girl. I am not sure how it fit in at all except for the fact that she had tragedy in her life. I think her depressed state was probably more from being aimless as a young person when everyone else around her were probably getting on with life and she was not. This was true of both the hero and heroine, I did not understand how young people in their twenties (these were not children)could survive aimlessly, without worrying about money. I overlooked this because it is surely possible somewhere somehow, the sweet part was the romance between the two, where a very nice friendship was carefully developed by the author and then gradually bloomed into much much more. I felt for both of them when they were wondering what was going to happen to them as people and as a couple, I had been wondering the same thing all along too...The last two chapters threw me there for a while, I was not sure I wanted to continue reading, but I did and it all ended well,I suppose. All in all, very very sweet book, possibly worth a re-read.

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