Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French DNF, annoying heroine
I could not finish this one. The heroine annoyed me because she was completely fickle and spineless, at least upto 50% which is where I got. She is married and unhappily, her husband is having an affair, instead of dealing with the situation she moves onto this tycoon of sex toys and clubs. He is a naughty naughty man and knows of her marriage situation, so all seems to be well as far as spending time together at his "getaway". I am not as morally shocked at the heroine's behavior towards her marriage as I am annoyed with the fact that she convinces herself that doing something sleazy with the hero is bad, then its good, then its bad again, I could not keep up!!! Some reviewers also mentioned that there is a second book, well I couldn't finish the first, will not be bothering with the second.

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