Finding Angel - Jan Graham How many villains is too much in your romance?
This is a pretty sad example of a romance. Let me name the villains....Samuel, Adrian, Markham, Wylde brothers, Wylde father, and many more other abusive men. Was that enough nasty men for you? It certainly was enough for me. I don't even want to think of the awful sexually abusive acts that were done to the heroine and are mentioned in this book. Also, the book is thick with overlaid plots, there's hating brothers, a hating father, a hating villainous husband, also pimping husband, a mother with cancer, a car accident killing mothers of the Hs, abandonment of the h, selling of h to the aforementioned husband by the aforementioned father, stabbing the h in the neck when she tries to escape and other violence, bdsm heroes, menage of 2H brothers and the h, a long lost brother, a drug cartel villain who loves the h, a creepy detective, the wife of long lost brother has cancer...and it goes on and on and on. The only reason I give this book 2* is because of the father of the 2Hs, his part in the story was amusing, given that this is a romance it was a pretty sad example of that. Do not reccommend this one.

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