The DISARM Series Boxed Set - June Gray Nothing new here...
This was a set of very short books, not sure why they had to be released separately. But at least now they are being sold as one continuous story and you can save a couple of dollars if you buy them in this format. Sigh! I have no idea what the authors are thinking when they do this, other than materialistic greed. Stories only need to be serialized or cut shorter if they are 500 pages or longer, not these tiny little bites which actually are more disappointing than anything else, when you realize you have come to an unsatisfying end to what is just part of a story. As far as the story was concerned I was not at all convinced the h and H loved one another, the romance part just did not stand out, another tortured H (latchkey childhood) and pushover h. The one redeeming moment was when the h was waiting for her soldier to come back from war, and that scene was written with the most emotion, but otherwise the rest of the book was as dispassionate as cardboard. Heard this story before? I have.....many many times. Nothing new here at all.

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