Vain - Fisher Amelie 2.5 * out of 5, a sweet story overlaid with some deeper issues
The initial part of this story reads as if tmz wrote a biography, frankly the less I know about these vapid over-entitled people, the better, but as it says in the blurb the story is about just such a person. The part I liked was the romance between Sophie and Dinjane, it was bittersweet because the setting was a tough one. I think the author did a good job skirting the gory, miserable details of living life in the bush with an ugly rebellion in the country and concentrated instead on the sweetness and genuine beauty of the orphans and the people who were taking care of them. These things I liked. What I really did not like was spending time in Sophie's head, initially it was because she was vain, hurtful, malicious, entitled; in the middle because she only saw outer beauty in Dinjane, although he was able to see her inner beauty all she carried on about was his fantastic looks, hair, eyes and height. What about her learning about him or did she only love him for his looks? I know the book is about her turning a new leaf but I did not see it. There were also some issues with the writing, use of the verb "cull" instead of "pull" or "curl". Also people were being "rushed" which has aggressive connotations, not loving ones. There were other such small issues with the book that kept me from liking it more, so at the end it was just a sweet story.

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