Heat - R. Lee Smith A compelling read
A long and compelling read, heat is two stories that are kept that are almost separated for the entire story till the end. One is about Kane, Raven and Sue-eye, whose part of the story is brutal but almost too much until, i could not be affected by it at all, it was too far-fetched for me, but in some futuristic, earth-interacting-alien way....maybe possible. The other was about Tagen and Daria, which was the opposite of the other story, slow and sweet. The switching between the two stories was well done. What i admired most about the authors skill was that i was surprised when i expected something to happen, it did not and vice versa. At the end, there is somewhat of a domestic bliss happening for both couple which surpised me most, all in all, a romance for one couple with some suspense thrown in, for the villains part a rough read and not for the faint-hearted.

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