Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge, #1) - Shey Stahl Great beginning to this series,
I enjoyed Shey Stahl's series of five books about racing and the people and families. What a great world she has created, one that I would never know because I am not a sports fan. I think this was more than a love story, it was an experience to share the lives of Jameson and Sway and the absolutely interesting characters they are surrounded by. The writing style of this author is not polished and very repetitive with many errors, but surprisingly I was not too distracted by this. This was clearly a work of love and an outpouring of the authors imagination/reality. Also the villain of the story seems too cruel for no apparent least not to me, this is often a point of criticism with authors who write villains this way, I think that an explanation of why the villain had this hatred for Jameson would have made that part of the storyline better but that is not to suggest spending pages and chapters on the villain. This first book in the story was very focused on Jameson and Sway, not that I understood his point of view and the constant checking of himself he did, it wasn't in fitting with the tone of the book but he is such a great character, I just believed it and went with it. Sway on the other hand is a sweetheart and funny to boot, just the kind of heroine I like to read about.

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