Trading Paint (Racing on the Edge, #3) - Shey Stahl a chance to re-cap and find out about these great characters,
I read this book in its turn, it is book 3, and goes back to when the Riley's and Sway's family meet. I think this is when I fell a little in love with Jimi, the dad. The book explains how the characters get to be who they are and also the amazing chemistry and relationship between Sway and Jameson. This book was sweetly written but really really repetitive. I struggled with reading it but it was not a DNF. Funny, because I wanted to finish it and get back to book 4 but not so much that I would have skipped it. I think if it were a little shorter it would be better, but by this time I was already completely invested in these characters, who are really really funny and a joy to spend a little extra time with.

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