Caden's Vow - Sarah McCarty Better than the last one in this series, but not the best either
I have mixed feelings about this book, the things that I liked were also the things that I didn't. Maddie for example, was this sweet girl-woman and throughout the book, it is revealed how much a victim this young girl really was. At the same time, I thought that is exactly what makes her such a complex character to read about. If this was reality, then I would not feel this way, because I think that her overcoming the abuse was so much a part of the story, it would be the furthest thing from entertaining for me to read. For this reason and a few others, one being the connection between Caden and Maddie that was choppy at times, I don't know if I would ever want to read this book again. There is definitely a difference between the last two books by SM and the earlier ones in this series, one of the problems being that there have been huge breaks between books, and while I want to read a nicely finished book, this just caused me to forget and not care anymore.
I gave the book 4 stars because when Maddie and Caden were at odds with one another, it was written such that I really felt what they were struggling with and for that the author deserves credit. When they were reconciling, Caden showed absolutely the right amount of gentleness I wanted him too. Honestly, the part where the conflict with his own family was not explained enough, I was able to take at face value as I would not want to read pages and pages about the extremely violent circumstances of those times, a couple of sentences thrown in here and there were quite enough for me. All in all, a good addition to this series, but not a hot romance as I would like to have read from SM.

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