Belted - C.J. Graves A well written book, difficult subjects, not a romance
My thoughts on this book after just having finished it, are of sadness. It started sad and may have ended happy but that is just an over-simplification of the story line, because I am struggling to understand why people can be so cruel to the ones they are supposed to take care of. I understand that in this book the traumatic events of Chastity's childhood led to her muteness all through her life and she holds back on so many things, communicating through gestures and phrases in her notebook, but most importantly not defending herself when needed because of this and it just made me love her more. This is a very well written book and I am amazed that the author depicted the martial arts fighting and violence at home without completely de-humanizing the characters. Master Stone may have had a very short part in the story but from the time he entered the story until the end of the book, he stole my attention. I would not say there was romance in this book, there was a love story here, the kind that is unfulfilled but nevertheless strong enough to be. Sad and violent things continue to happen but in the end, Chastity does find love, I was not frustrated with her need to be loved and to give it, she needed that and she just reached out whenever she could, in the most raw silent way I have ever read. I commend this author for writing the most unique heroine I have read, I don't think she was passive she was just silent and watchful, and above all learnt that she deserved happiness in her life.

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