The Sweet Gum Tree - Katherine Allred Sweet love story.
This story was a sweetly written book. I loved the start of it, where Alix was a young girl, so happy and carefree. When she puts bee-balm on a bee, to soothe it and gets stung, I could not stop smiling, it was so real and adorable, even though she did get stung. The earlier years were definitely my favorite part of the book as the author was able to transport me to this world and see the ups and downs of small town life, through the eyes of a child. The love story itself was very touching and though not explicit in description, it was able to convey depth of feeling and passion between the h and H. Then the two, Alix and Nick grow up and with all the family and friends, make so many mistakes that the story became protracted and problems which could have been explained in a few sentences, were left hanging for years and years. The way the story was written one would think that they did not have letters or email or telephones even, to communicate. Also, the author kept on adding these ominous sentences, saying that something terrible would happen in a few hours, then how life would be shattered in a few days. I cannot remember the exact words but this kept happening throughout the book, as if the narrator, Alix herself (or the voice of the author) was trying to build up a sense of drama. I didn't buy it. The other incongruity was in the character of Alix herself, she was such a smart and outgoing young girl, her personality as a young adult even before the crisis that separated her from Nick was odd. The writing however was engaging and I mostly ignored the odd bits, suspended disbelief and at the end, I think it is a story with a very sweet beginning but could have been better and more cohesive love story.

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