Waiting for You - Shey Stahl Lovable characters, sweet story but the writing caused confusion.
I like Shey Stahl books. She draws you into the world she wants for the story, she writes very sweet yet angsty characters. In this book Dylan was a hot head and I absolutely could not fathom what his motivation was, but he was very sweet his girl, Bailey. I saw the similarities with Travis from the Beautiful Disaster book, but I am not sure whether that was good or bad. Bailey's part of the story was easier to understand because I was young once and she was just a normal adrift young girl who believed that she loved a boy. What was missing for me was the humor that I think could have saved the book a little bit, they both took themselves too seriously and started lecturing a bit as well.
Then there was the crisis they went through with Bailey's father, I was not really engaged because of two reasons, one that it was written with suspense yet the resolution had occurred years earlier, Bailey was simply not told the truth. The other reason was because I was so distracted by errors there was no way to bring me back to caring about the emotions flying around, I was just too lost in the errors. I think this could have been much better if it was edited to remove grammatical errors, inconsistencies which would improve the general flow, that way we could concentrate on the story not the mistakes.

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