Rush - Maya Banks Good book, not the best from Maya Banks, but a good one
I liked Rush. I was pleasantly surprised because there is definite band-wagon jumping going on here with the contract-love and seemingly-involuntary need for bondage and kink on the part of the bajillionaire H...however, it was well done. I am just glad the book was not named "shades of rush" or something like that, in a sales-ploy. Why did I like it though......its been a while since the craze with the other similar themed books and to me is was a nicely written addition to the lot. It is not a standout for any reason, but I liked both the h and H and that the conflict played out without long separations and with just a touch of angst. I was also so very grateful not to have to read about past sexual abuse that is so often used as for sensationalism.....a-la another bajillionaire in nyc book, that in the absence of that misery, I give this book 4stars without hesitation.

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