Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux The most dramatic, action packed in this series, yet an emotional roller-coaster!
This book truly stripped Zane and Ty of all layers. When they were forced to confront each other and do some serious navel-gazing, all done on the fly while terrible baddies are gunning for them both, not to mention kidney stones and voodoo dolls, they do it with drama. I actually like that about our, I like that they are not cardboard cutouts of what one would expect from agent-spy types. Quite the contrary, in this book, we get to go on a trip with them to madness and back, with an extremely convoluted plot and villains who like mind-games. The relationship between the friends of Ty, Nick and the others was interesting to see as it was tested time and time again, but nothing was tested more than the relationship of Ty and Zane. I don't know if I believed the reconciliation, it was too easy for what had passed but I believe this author will be able to convince me with the next book, that these two had grown from the bad experience to love each other the way they do in my fantasy. I am amazed at Abigail Roux's ability to take me on an emotional ride with her characters, to the point, where I don't want to let this 7th book be the last one until we get the next. But alas, it is, and I am waiting breathlessly for the coming book about Zane and Ty. I recommend this book and this series to anyone who likes a love story that grabs you by the heartstrings and will not let go.

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