On Her Master's Secret Service - Lexi Blake I liked the characters, there was too much sadness in this story for me to truly enjoy it.
I liked this book better than the last one. The characters were great but the focus on the sadness and separation between Alex and Eve was too detailed and seemed to override the few bare moments of happiness that these two people had, at least as far as what was written into the story. It was hard for me to get into them being together at all during a sting-type operation involving a serial-rapist-killer with terrorist connections hanging around in the background and the story seemed to move very fast to the climax. Once again, the few days where Alex starts treating Eve as his love and that making-up time was completely missed, this also happened in the last book, IIRC, gah! that's what I want to read about not the involved plot of the action-suspense part. I just don't care about that when reading an erotic romance.
So, this book was better than the last one but not by much :((

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