If You Were Mine - Bella Andre Meh!
I am more than halfway through the book, still don't have any idea why these two are attracted to each other. Zach says she's the strongest woman he knows. How does he know this? By knowing she had raised skin near her elbows, she's emotionally strong? By training dogs she's physically strong? What's going on in this book? Then there's supposed to be this laid back mogul of auto-mechanics, who loves his family to distraction but has not figured out that aneurysms are not inherited, the least he can do is talk to a doctor and be more educated about his fears and his life choices if he's so worried about hurting Heather at some point in the future by dropping dead at her feet. This type of false self-assigned noble-intention attitude is an excuse so he will not love her and ever commit to her, hardly makes him an alpha male which i think he's supposed to be? hmmmm! Very strange book..... My third attempt at reading this one and i am struggling....

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