Cottonwood - R. Lee Smith Amazing world-building, a fantastic read!,
This book was recommended to me from the amazon discussion fora, and I was blown away by this amazing book. The writing is exceptionally good, the world-building exquisite and the characters so interesting that I forgot most of them were aliens. I liked the human woman though, she was a sweetie, R. Lee Smith's characterization of her was so good, I could imagine I heard her humming around the place, going about her day. The part about the colony of Cottonwood was at times heartbreaking and at other times just violent and awful, but at no time did I want to put the book away because I thought the violence was gratuitous. It just was part of the story. I thought Sanford was just right, I cannot picture the aliens with palps or the claspers, because it all becomes a bit much, but I got it, this was not a human Hero. The one who stole my heart completely was Tak'i, the little cutie-pie. I think the book would not have been complete or even half as compelling without this little fellow, I would read the book again just to read about him, again, I can't really picture him in my head as an ant-like alien child, all I know is that he is completely adorable throughout the book! I would recommend this book as just a well-written book, in addition to those interested in romance or sci-fi stories.

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