Innocence Defied (New York, #3) - Lainey Reese Sweet story with some tough dom moments thrown in
Sometimes in a story, an author manages to convince me that something that shouldn't happen, does and it works. This is one such story, i really did not believe that Gage and Zoe could be happy because of the stars in her eyes and his requirement for an extreme BDSM relationship. I thought that this was headed for disaster and a whole lot of angst, but the Dom changed and it was for the good, I thought this was because he was human and realized that he had stronger feelings than even he acknowledged. The sharing scene was acceptable because that is the theme of this series, its erotica and the rules are slightly different, i was just surprised that Zoe was so on board for it when it happened. The book is very short and read like a novella, it could have been a longer book and more satisfying, I would have given it 4 stars had that been the case. All in all, a sweet book.

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