The Men with the Golden Cuffs - Lexi Blake Lexi Blake romances are charming and this one is the best!
I read this book after reading other reviews and found that once again Lexi Blake has charmed me completely. I think that it takes a couple of reads to appreciate the good bits. I loved Jake and Adam and surprisingly so, because they are quite different from each other and that is the point in this book. Also it was great to see the interactions between other members of the security company for which they work. Sometimes though, the other male characters took over, such as Ian Taggert and Liam, not to mention sweet, sweet Chris. One thing that struck me in particular about Lexi Blake's writing was the dialogue which was sometimes side-splittingly funny such as when Chris (a friend of Serena the h) tells another friend Bridget about buying a gun to protect them " one hormonal day and the lives of anyone who annoyed you would be over. As a person who annoys you on a regular basis, I claim the right to live". rofl. Another was from Ian, the bloodthirsty Dom and boss of the security company who seems to be in a perpetually bad mood where he peppers his conversation with the f-word but in a totally hilarious way...I know people like this and they are funny indeed. Even Serena was funny with her author's-mind in erotic-romance-land, it gave her the necessary abstraction to come up with some really funny viewpoints, not to mention how sweet and gentle she is.
So even though there was quite a bit of angst in the book over the conflict between the h and the 2H's, I enjoyed this book. The one thing that I did like about the way LB wrote about the fight was that the H's never left the h, once they knew they were in the wrong, which they quickly realized. To me that made the story sweeter that there was no separation even for a few minutes following the fight even though no one was happy at that time, that's just my preference though....
Hope Liam and Ian's stories are coming out soon....

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