Crimson Debt - Evangeline Anderson I think I will like this series, because I loved this book!
This was a great first book in this new series about vamps, weres, consorts, auditors, witches and name it, its in there. What I loved about the book is that it is still erotica, the book certainly builds this world where all these creatures live and thrive with villains and cops and fangers, in Florida no less, but at the same time, the sexual tension is built up in a way that made the book pretty hot to read. The heroine was sweet but spunky, slightly confused about what she wanted but look at her choices, a smoking hot, pale but hunky, blonde vampire (who at times spoke like an genteel lady from the mid-50s, but whatever) or her dreary but safe life as an auditor. I did not exactly blame her but she could have been a little nicer to the hunky dude, he was so nice to her. The secondary story about her inept vampire friend Taylor and the were guy, also extremely hunky, well....I just cant wait to read that book. EA did not fail to deliver with this one, hope we stay away from the woowoo witches and their rituals (I have been burned by EA's bad witch book) and stick to the hot pnr!!! I recommend this book, absolutely!

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