Five Days Grace - Teresa Hill nice, nice, nice....unvarying nice-ness!
I found this book to be a nice read, and the reason it was so nice was the reason it took me a while to finish. I just didn't see it changing and the level of connection between Grace and Aidan stayed more or less the same throughout the book, they started getting close pretty early in the book and then nothing really changed. So it was nice, but not exciting or even able to hold my attention for long. I kept visiting the amazon discussion threads and chatting there, reading blurbs of other books, goodreads, reviewer blogs.....just anything pretty much that distracted me. Not sure if I was in just the wrong mood but normally I read books avidly not at this slow pace. So it is a nice book and a good read, but I think you have to be in a mellow mellow mood to read such a sweet, nice book.

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