Redneck Romeo - Lorelei James LJ has done it again! My second favorite in this fantastic series.
This book is very unique in that the hero is an amazing mix of tough-guy and warm-tenderness. I loved that he came onto the scene with his feelings right out there for his woman. No playing games, no brushing off his not-so-good behaviour in the past and showing his struggle to control his own life like most people, men and women do. More importantly, as a reader I felt these two had a grand love, and that deep down they both knew they were part of each other's lives, no matter what. I did not care much for the elk-farming angle of her professional life as it sounded dreary and the less description of that the better but In comparison to some other stories from this author, these descriptions were minimal and did not distract from the story.
Overall, an excellent read, I will remember Dalton McKay as one of my favorite heroes!

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