Lean on Me (The Mackay Sisters, #2)

Lean on Me (The Mackay Sisters, #2) - Angela Verdenius Adorable story with a sweet hero!
I loved Matt, I love reading about a hero that gets a little harried and crazy in his pursuit of his girl. And that is what Matt did. He was adorably confused but no less determined to get Lori to date him and see him. I think I may know those crazy gossipy people in the book, doesn't everyone have someone like that in their lives, they frustrate me while they try to make up stories if nothing is really happening that is gossip-worthy according to them and reading about them in this book just cracked me up all along.
I love this author's work, she can make a story sweet but really hot and I love the characters in all her contemporary books, I have read them all.

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