Hot & Sweet - Beginnings - Lily Rede I enjoyed these stories very much
I read one of the stories in this collection of five when it was offered for free (Pour On the Heat), I was pleasantly surprised because I usually don't care for books that are this short. It was very good and the author kept my attention and for a short story I came away happy to have read it. In this book there are five stories, the heroes span a range from alpha to not-so-alpha but always protective and completely in love with the heroines. Each story has a little bit of character background ( not much) but then there's the scene where they get together and an HEA is hinted at, if not as completely as I would have liked. Always a little frustrating when a book is good but too short, if LR would write more stories with the same flair and make them longer, filling out the story, I would absolutely buy her books in this genre.

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