Purity (Pure and Tainted #1) - Evangeline Anderson 3.5 stars, original sci-fi but slightly overdone.
I loved most of EA's kindred books and this is something along that scheme, but also different. I liked K and Boone, they were really sweet and in the beginning half of the book, I laughed at the funny things that happened and I worried about all the difficulties and issue they would face. Slowly and steadily though, the book progresses through space and it seemed as if everyone was the villain and these two could just not get a break. The story became a little drawn out and lecture-y with all the pondering about cycles and suits for emotional damping etc. and this went on for too long. This book was not as hot as the others that EA writes but in its own way has that sense-of-the-forbidden thrill about it. All in all, a good book and I am always going to read EA's books but this one may not go onto my re-read shelf as other from EA have.

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