Invitation to Seduction (Open Invitation, #1) - Jasmine Haynes Gorgeous, sexy book, i reccommend this book!
I love Jasmine Hayes books, she knows how to write a sexy romance book. This was one of her best so far that I have read. I fell in love with Stephen from the first time he was in the book, omigawd, he was a hot 50 year old man! Who would not want a Stephen in their lives? Debbie's character was less easy to like, because she was stuck in a rut and did not do anything about it other than breaking Stephen's heart, and yes I think a man's heart can be broken even if he is the other man, it's the married person who should shoulder any and all blame for cheating. I would say, Debbie almost didn't deserve Stephen, almost. The reason I did not give this book 5stars was the rushed ending where the intensity of their love could have been explored, instead it was all very cut and dried until they re-united, and even then it was a little cold. All in all, though, a good book by JH, only because of the Hero, Stephen.

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