The Virgin Sex Queen - Angela Verdenius A sweetheart of a book, a keeper!
I started this book knowing I was going to enjoy it, because it is by AM, one of my favorite authors. In her recent books she has simply outdone herself in both the hotness and sexiness of the books and characters. They are highly relateable and so sweetly characterized that even though the book was not as long as I would have liked I enjoyed it immensely. Sophie is as cute as a button with her internal dialogue, Alan is my favorite kind of hero to read, just a happy guy with a lust for life and women without being disrespectful to them. Their story plays out in a predictable but sweet way, with more sexiness than I thought would be included. The characters from past books were mentioned here and there but the book was not long and I am glad that Alan and Sophie got the spotlight which stayed on them throughout.
Only one detail jarred with me and that was the cover, in previous covers of AM books in this series, the author was not shy to show the heroines as big and beautiful gals, on this cover, she chose a clearly small size skinny girl from the looks of her limb and that just seemed odd to me. I do like to see big girls well represented and have always admired that this author was happy to represent her heroines visually as they are described in the text. On all other points though this is one of her best books, I will read it again in the future!

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