Travis (Alluring Indulgence, #3) - Nicole Edwards Best of the three so far, in fact I recommend reading only this book.
This was a long book, the reason is mostly because we get to read every significant moment from three viewpoints. It made the book unnecessarily repetitive and a bit of a chore to finish. But I liked it, because it was about love with a lot of angst-filled passion but still at the end it was about love between these seemingly mismatched people. I loved Kylie the most, then Gage then lastly Travis. This was because I did not understand the 10 year separation nor the underlying reason for it. I could not understand how a man could say that he was so in love then up and leave, and not care what happened to the girl he left behind with seemingly not a thought. I think that if that chapter was not closed between Travis and Kylie, a conversation would have helped them both either move on or make it work. I did not like that he was forgiven so easily and it makes me doubt the HEA. Not a fan of the tortured hero syndrome, especially if there is no good reason for it. But this book was more about the sex scenes than about character building, so I read it with that in mind and enjoyed it.

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