After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna a good book to read, the romance was suppressed but still there.
I liked, not loved this book. I give it 4 stars without hesitation because it was well-written and kept me coming back for more. The characters were tough, really tough and mostly likable. The one word that kept coming to me while reading and now while I savour the story is suppression, the characters suppressed things because they were products of their environment, the romance was suppressed because no one wanted to give in to the other and the drama and passion in the story was also suppressed perhaps by their practical nature. That was acceptable to me because these were people who had lived through some really bad times, but then I wonder why Erin kept having these moments of girly fantasies even in her day-to-day dealings with Kelly at work which made her seem immature. She wanted glances, she wanted a meeting of the eyes, she wanted him to date her, she wanted little indications of her value as a woman(but she rejected them when she received them, huh?) she wanted them to be a couple but once again she suppressed all of that. Although she spent a lot of time thinking, this book is written through her eyes, she did not seem very self-aware to me or aware of her place in the world. I found this odd, but at least she found kindness at the end, because she knew she could hurt Kelly. I am glad because that saved Erin for me. I have read a couple of this author's heroines in other books and they are memorable for being mean and pretty awful. She does write her heroes well even though they can be very basic, almost primal and Kelly is definitely one of my favorites. When he finally explains what he needs from Erin was one of the sweetest dialogues, believable because it was Kelly, that I have ever read from a romantic hero.

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