Corralled - Lorelei James my rating: I hate it and I want to return it
This book was a surprisingly bad book from this author. Why did you write the heroine like this, she had no depth except for the repeated vague unsettled feeling she had about her father. It was almost like the author was trying to hard to give her an issue to grapple with to the end of thickening the plot like someone would add too much cornstarch to thicken a gravy, bleck, was my response. Granted the job of the author is a big one, in that all the ideas and creativity required to get pages filled with a story is huge, but please please send the book to an editor who can advise about the nature, connectedness and relevance of the work. In this case the editors are equally at fault in not seeing that the heroine was vapid, blowing with the wind one way then the other, the sharing between the two men just made me feel sorry they ever met her (which by the way can be a great way to start a book and was totally missing here).

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