Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan the title says it all, he was hard to love....and hard to resist!!
I think that romance stories like this where one of the characters has a job or personality that cannot be wrapped up nicely and tied with a neat little bow, are interesting because it takes a special author to imagine and write the story and keep it a romance. I think in this case that is exactly what Kendall Ryan managed to accomplish. The story revolves around the h and H meeting a few times and even though there are not-so-acceptable things happening in the background, the author does not dwell on them, instead she brings out the sweetness of two people meeting and getting to know one another. I was impressed. Then of course, is the separation but it is not acrimonious, it's sad... even on the side of the H who caused it in the first place. I was happy to see them together in the end. I walked away with a smile and I think you will too.

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