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Propositioning Her Brother’s Best Friend

Propositioning Her Brother’s Best Friend - Sam Crescent 2.5stars, underdeveloped story, could have been much better
This was a short read, so my review can be even shorter. The story was cute, the characters not developed, I did not feel for them. Mostly telling, not enough showing. It was ok.
Addicted (Club Destiny, #2.5) - Nicole Edwards Short and hot
This story really does not have a beginning nor an end, the good thing about it, that it does not need one. It is erotica and for that it was entertaining. If you look for story in this book you might get irritated because of the seemingly physical nature of the relationships, and the big time jumps which are characteristic of this author's writing, so read it at face value as a hot book of pretty tame erotica.
Conviction (Club Destiny, #1) - Nicole Edwards Not good, contrived story and unbelievable interactions.
The book was bad, the Hero was unbelievable, his reactions were weird. The dialogue was stilted and later on the book, the heroine also annoyed me by her lack of communication. I cannot see a happy ending for these two. The reason for me giving it two stars was, that there was moment in the begining once we got past the self-awe of office work details.....that I thought I saw a spark between these two, but it wasn't to be, for two people who were written as fantastic individuals, neither the story nor the interactions were fantastic, quite the opposite. I am skipping the epilogue.
Temptation  (Club Destiny, #2) - Nicole Edwards Too much thinking, too much walking away, a chore to finish this book
The title of my review says it all, i really liked nothing about this book,the characters and the writing. I don't really hate it, so 1.5stars would be my rating but only because I dont care enough about these people. They are adults but they seem to be suffering constantly for no apparent reason. They all walk away when they should be talking. They themselves say so, but something holds them back. I think this author either does not know what to do with the characters or wrote all the sex scenes down then forgot how to connect them. There is as usual minimal dialogue in the book, perhaps because the dialogue that is there is so unreal and stilted. It was a constant repeat of sex scene after which the next chapter would start "two weeks later....." Blah blah blah, we have issues but we haven't talked yet. It read like the worst of Lora Leigh books.
Captivated (Club Destiny, #4.5) - Nicole Edwards different from the others in this series and way better
I enjoyed this short read. I was curious from reading the previous books how Lucie and Kane were going to get together and this is a short but well-written book about Kane and his path to get Lucie. I thought the passion was believable between these two and loved reading this story because of that.
Travis (Alluring Indulgence, #3) - Nicole Edwards Best of the three so far, in fact I recommend reading only this book.
This was a long book, the reason is mostly because we get to read every significant moment from three viewpoints. It made the book unnecessarily repetitive and a bit of a chore to finish. But I liked it, because it was about love with a lot of angst-filled passion but still at the end it was about love between these seemingly mismatched people. I loved Kylie the most, then Gage then lastly Travis. This was because I did not understand the 10 year separation nor the underlying reason for it. I could not understand how a man could say that he was so in love then up and leave, and not care what happened to the girl he left behind with seemingly not a thought. I think that if that chapter was not closed between Travis and Kylie, a conversation would have helped them both either move on or make it work. I did not like that he was forgiven so easily and it makes me doubt the HEA. Not a fan of the tortured hero syndrome, especially if there is no good reason for it. But this book was more about the sex scenes than about character building, so I read it with that in mind and enjoyed it.
Zane (Alluring Indulgence, #2) - Nicole Edwards Not bad, Not bad, some odd moments but not bad,
There's a lot going on in this book, starts with drama and ends with more drama? I enjoyed the book though, despite all the sharing and internal dialogue. There's a lot of internal dialogue in this book, the actual dialogue is not good at all and there is very little of it. The good thing about this book, was that Zane loved V (Vanessa, Victoria, Vatever?) and did so single-mindedly for most of the book. There were a couple of times when he lost his temper, which made him a jerk but V did not seem to think so. I am not sure that she was really in the wrong but she thought so and took his nonsense, this frustrated me. The storyline of Gage and Travis was really interesting and I will be reading the next book.
Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence, #1) - Nicole Edwards Argggg...bad bad book, but I am reading the next one because I have to.
This was a strange combination of disjointed moments such as when menage was introduced to the book, the reader (me) and to the heroine at the same time. No, I mean literally, there was a moment when the two dudes (one Hero, one buddy) say you wanna? and before she knows it, she's double stuffed. So there was a bit of shock factor here. Not at the menage but just at the lack of words between suggestion and deed.
I always seem to like the idea of reading about related characters such as in this book, there are seven brothers whom are going to get seven brides, so I suppose this is like the ultra-naughty version of that lovely classic.
The writing itself is pretty bad but because of the way the book ended, I have to read the next one and see what happens. I have my fingers and eyes crossed for the next one, here's hoping!
Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha very sexy, the best of this series,

I was very happy to get this book, as I liked the idea of the book and world built within but the previous two stories seemed to just rub me the wrong way. This book flowed smoothly and finally I was reading about the characters I liked. I still like Dallas, Lex, Jas and Noelle, but the choppiness of the previous books was missing and I liked that. The book had its action moments but they did not overwhelm the erotica storyline and the villain was dealt with without much to-do. I thought Six was very well characterized and her struggle to understand her worth was very much connected but not dependent on Bren, yet I don't think that's what the story is about. I still find the author's voice(s) a little preachy about a woman finding her worth and all that but at the end they all end up with men and that's fine with me. I would recommend this book.
All Grown Up - Sadie Grubor,  Monica Black not a romance, more like a chronicle of mistakes
The story was bad, definitely not for me. The author used a derogatory slur, twice in fact, once in her POV, then again in his POV, as if once was not enough. I finished reading the book and my rating is for the book not the author. I do not recommend this book to anyone.
Untitled (Sea Breeze, #5) - Abbi Glines very sweet book, short for the price. Still love Cage and Eva.
This was a sweet book and a quick read. I like the way Abbi Glines writes, it does not matter what character she is writing about, she makes me feel for them in that moment. I was not sure what to expect from this book, because I wasn't following this series, I thought they were done. The book was a very quick read though and I am still on the fence whether these two acted appropriately towards each other, given their circumstances, but all's well that ends well, yes?
Caught Running - Abigail Roux;Madeleine Urban Sweet romance, I loved this book but it ended abruptly.
This book did not flow smoothly for me, I think because of the shifts in perspective and also calling the characters, Science teacher and the Coach. I sometimes did not know what was going on. But I loved the romance and the smexy love story between the two men. I thought they were physically and mentally matched to each other and sometimes so awfully cute together, it hurt. I like this author's voice but more so in this book where she explains some of the insecurity that all people have when they enter in a relationship, not only because they are gay and the taboo of it perhaps because they work together. For this reason I would have liked a better ending not just a mere suggestion that these two would be together in the future.
Cover of Darkness - Kaylea Cross Would have given 4 stars but took one off for sheer stupidity.,
The plot is thin, very thin, and I would have believed it if Luke had been less of a d-bag, dec had been more sure of his decisions and Bryn had been less likely to disobey orders and surprise, surprise, she did it almost every single time. Although I liked Bryn best of all the characters in this book, I found the idea of the book too unbelievable and I can't say I would recco this book to anyone.
No Turning Back - Kaylea Cross Huge misunderstanding for no reason.
I did not care for this book. There were many things that jarred me in this book. One was that the heroine was under suspicion for most of the book, especially in the hero's eyes. Why, the rest of the team could have been equally untrustworthy, this book's underlying theme is about people betraying one another. So why her especially? The last action sequence was too confusing and I just did not care to re-read it to figure out exactly what was going on. The heroine gets blamed again for something horrible and the hero has to do a grovel in the end. There was a decent grovel for those who like to read that but the rest of the book was barely ok.
Relentless - Kaylea Cross 2.5 stars, The steamy romance was ok, the action suspense poorly plotted.,
Rhys and Nev made a good couple and interesting to read about from the romance standpoint. The plot itself was once again, too confusing, too many secondary villains and in the final showdown, Nev actually gets into an elevator with the wrong guy while the security team is yelling and banging outside to help her. The scene went on and on forever and after killing the bad guy she tries to save him because of her hippocratic oath, i suppose. Canonize this woman please, immediately, but don't write this into an action book.

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