Josh and Hannah (Redwood Falls, #1) - Lynda Chance 2.5 stars, slow but oddly entertaining.
This book was atypical for LC, I don't know about the extreme restraint of Josh, but LC was under some serious restraint in this book, and I am not sure why it had to be that way. If it was an attempt to write a book about youngsters, it was successful, if it was an attempt to titillate with the forbidden, it did not really work. At the end, I can say that I really liked both characters, but I have met these two before, many times. I do like this author's writing though, when she hits that erotica nerve point with an amazing alpha, but in this case the story-line was too trite to really enjoy this as a new book. I look forward to reading more by this author, but hopefully a more original story next time.
Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux I read this book and I read it again immediately!
This book was everything I wanted to read at this stage in Ty and Zane's relationship. I liked that they were thrown together again with a small break. After the way the previous book ended with a big old angst ending, I could not have taken a long separation. I don't want either of these two to be alone, coz, they're crazy and we all know it, lol. I loved the introduction of Julian and Cameron, what a sweet man, very cuddly indeed. I am completely in love with these characters, even Nick who was a little annoying in the previous book, but he turned out ok here. I loved most books with a road trip, for leisure or work, it is like armchair traveling for me and I always love the chance of discovering something new for the characters. This book was no exception, although it was a little crazy that all these guys were supposed to be highly trained mastermind sorts but they could not figure out how to get into DC without being caught, hmmmmm. Ty in this book, turned out better and better to me, I have always liked Zane more, and in this book, Ty's honesty made me relieved both for him and Zane. I recommend this series highly, this author is able to bring something fresh to every new book, keeping the theme of Ty and Zane's love as central to the books, which I love.
Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Beyond my expectations, how do these books just keep getting better?
Oh my, after the previous book I was ready for some downtime with Ty and. Zane and this book delivered. I realize that what I really like about these two characters is their angsting and quite unusual personalities, together, they are amusing yet frustrating, clear about who they are yet murky about how to act, dedicated and strong alpha males yet with a lovely soft emotional underbelly, and lastly, want to be together so much yet don't have a clue how to. It made for an interesting read and the action plot fit quite well within the rest of this slightly drawn out book. I read it like I would imagine a soap-opera, where some moments are stretched unbearably but at the same time there is a lot going on. These two also make me laugh, so all in all a great combination. I did not like the ending, no book should end like this but since I am reading the next book immediately after this, it is ok. So Ty says "make sure it doesn't happen again!"
Kinky Neighbors Two: Cat and Logan's Just Desserts - Jasmine Haynes Too short to be enjoyable.
I thought this was an interesting follow up to the previous story, but once again have to wonder what authors are thinking when they get to writing and publishing what is essentially just a chapter. I guess it is the electronic publishing that facilitates this but I think they take away something from the readers and from their own reputation when they do this.
About the book, it was incomplete, sort of a transition between the previous book and perhaps one in the future. As far as the writing it was good, but the shortness of it, makes me think, that I don't recommend this book as a future purchase because it is incomplete.
Kinky Neighbors (An Erotic Romance for Four) - Jasmine Haynes A very short story but packed with erotica!
I enjoyed this short story. I am always florred by this author's ability to connect the emotions of the characters and time it exactly so as a reader, it is almost if I am in the room with them. In this case, that would be voyeurism because there were already more than one couple in the room and boy was it hot! Once again, in this book Jasmine Haynes writing made me love the characters although thery were flawed but still ever so human and manipulative. I enjoyed this story, its not for everyonebeing that it is mostly about cheating and blurred lines, but if you want to read a short story thats well written, go for this one.
Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Chemistry that is off the charts!
Then again, is that all there is to Ty and Zane? This book continues to keep us in limbo regarding whether these two men can even acknowledge to themselves that they are in love. Oh well, more for the next one then. Luckily I am reading these books when there are 6-7 books already released. It would have driven me batty otherwise, with the wondering on my part and the emotional meanderings on their part. The story was great, odd but still good, I skipped the pages about the the trail stuff, the treasure and most of the violence, I am definitely more interested in these two as people and that part of their journey. This book was well written though, slightly shorter than the first, but not less satisfying, an excellent continuation to the first.
Fish & Chips - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban A sweet read, almost Wodehousian but with a twist!
I enjoyed this book immensely. The idea of a cruise or a fantasy trip always makes me go uggg, because they are always so painfully contrived, even my lenient mind cannot take that. In this case though, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Sort of a caper!! Of course, what makes the book and the storyline are Zane and Ty, and how beautifully imperfect they both are. Somehow though, they muddle through and do it with hotness and much smexing. This was a bit madcap, chases and whatnot, but I enjoyed it and I will want to read it again.
Siren in Bloom - Sophie Oak One of my favorite books in this series. A must read.
I am always amazed at Sophie Oak's stories, with the way they pull you in and don't let go. This story about Wolf, Leo and the sweetest heroine, Shelly and it is one of the best books, character-wise, story-wise, humour-wise. I did not mind the suspense part of the book, it was short enough and done well. I got a little annoyed that most of these characters were set up in the previous books, so the long journey into their thought processes was redundant, even to someone reading the book as a standalone for the first time. This is erotica and I want mostly erotica. I get the struggle for emotions but the story is hardly a realistic one and I personally read Sophie Oak books as an escape. I managed to overlook it in this book, because this is one of the most engaging books ever with charming characters and SO is always a must-buy for me. I recommend this book highly.
Finding Hart - Ella Fox Better than the last, good epilogue, 2.5 stars,
I liked this book better than the last one, there were some good moments in the book, but they were few and far between. I did not like Dominique in the earlier books and she wasn't much better in this, the epilogue was sweet though. The kidnapping action-section was too long and most of the time, Mike was telling people to hold themselves together and wait. In the meantime, the sister's were in dire trouble but other than repetitively saying that everyone loved everyone else, not much was actually happening. The different points of view were equally distracting when there were lives of two victims being held by killer maniacs in the balance and I thought that was another waste of time. Spencer and Delilah were sweet as always not enough to compensate for all the other randomness of this book. I give up on this series. Now.
Revenge Sex (West Coast Hotwifing, #1) - Jasmine Haynes Short, hot, interesting, JH knows how to write erotica.
The topic is hotwifing, I googled it, I still don't know if its a real term and I am too shy to ask. Like swingers and swappers there are those that are turned on by being cuckolded. So much so, that it becomes an imperative to have the moment described and detailed which is even more of a turn on for some. Before I read this book, I wouldn't have thought this was possible and certainly not that I could read about it and see the beginning of a love story, but we all come in different shades of want and desire. At the end I believe this can be true but more importantly, this story had me engrossed in the desires of Clay and Jessica to the point where I would have read a lot more about their strange relationship than where it stopped in this book. However, this would normally make me feel frustrated because I do like a long book, but I have to hand it to this author, she has never disappointed me and she knows just where to stop a story and leave the reader waiting. It is not a cliffhanger, it is just a short, short book. If you want to be intrigued, shocked a little, drool a bit over her description of a hot older guy, and read some of the most erotic scenes ever, this is one of those books. I recommend it highly!!
Cutters vs. Jocks - Elizabeth Marx An appropriate prequel to the longer novel.
This was ok to read, I got that they fell in love although they never said it. I don't know what cutter, jock, townie or any of the other lingo meant but I got the idea that they two people came from different worlds, as defined by geography and socio-economic status. I did not like Libby, she was indifferent and that made me indifferent to her. I could see how that indifference would be a draw to an achiever like Aidan, men love a woman who treats them bad but just enough to keep them coming back. This is often translated to love in young people, after all why would someone keep coming back to that if there was not some strong emotion that keeps pulling a person back. It was sad that Aidan's parents were not much of an influence in his life, because although he attributes his thinking to them somewhat, they could advised him differently, as seen in the second book.
Binding Arbitration - Elizabeth Marx Very intense, heartbreaking at times, flawed but likeable characters.
This was an interestingly tough yet evocative book to read, it started slowly but that was alright, I got to know the two main characters of the book well enough. This was one strict heroine, she would not give up even a little of herself to the Hero and that was alright for the first half of the book. However when her emotions started to change, even then she did not give the Hero anything other than sharing time with her son. The book went from her being a victim who is strong to make something of her life to her being a passive recipient who does not really engage much with the man she loves. Perhaps its a trait of perfect people because that's how she was portrayed. I liked Aidan, with his flaws and all, but again I never saw the turnaround coming and suddenly he was there 100% for his family.
What I did see though was the love this man had for Libby. Itwas clear he did not know her well but he clearly adored and worshipped her, but that was the most realistic part of the book. The problem with falling in love when you are so young is that it is scary as hell, and the problem with men who fall in love so totally is that they dont really know the women they are worshipping. This is reality, mostly, and although it endeared me to him, I did not see the relationship as a lasting one.
The last part of the book was not well done where, there is a separation of two months before Libby gets around to checking on Aidan. The letters although sweet were thrown in as a ploy, and I too wanted to ask why it took so long for Libby to get around to contacting Aidan. I think she was still punishing him and although I believed in the happiness they had found where the story ends, a tough woman like Libby who believed in her accomplishments, both professional and personal, and put them above others would always want to hold the past over Aidan, even if she did love him. Still, it added to the realism of this book.
A last note about the writing, it was disonnected in parts, things would be referred to in conversation that had not connection with the previous section, the switching between Aidan and Libby first person was annoying, we should have stayed with Aidan, he showed more emotional growth anyway. But all in all, I am glad I read this book.
Rocky Mountain Rebel (Six Pack Ranch, #5) - Vivian Arend I loved this book about two sweet young people falling in love
This was a lovely book, sweet and true. The characters were adorable and I wanted so much for them to be happy, only the happy ending was not carried through into the future. In fact, the last part of the book hints at a significant separation followed by marriage where they will have their HEA. All very nice, but this reader likes her HEA delivered to her on a platter. It did not make the story any less wonderful, it just made the ending abrupt for my tastes. A good book, a great series, great characters, I am looking forward for more!
This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas All good now, I enjoyed finding out all the secrets and there were many!
I was not pleased when I read the previous books and found them disjointed because although they were intense and long, they brought up more questions than they answered. So I thought the pacing was not well-thought out. Now that I have read the final book I am pleased to say that there were many secrets revealed in this last book, some of which may make the previous books make more sense now. Overall, after reading all three books, I can say that this quite a satisfying romp through the sexual adventures of these two dramatic, very dramatic people. I think I will read all three books in one go and enjoy them better now that the gaps have been filled. I still believe that this story was over-long for the content and normally I would happily read about two people (or more) and their romantic/erotic journey, but this story seemed to wind around unnecessarily in the middle. I am also happily giving this last book 5 stars because I believe that this author's writing style has become more polished and tighter. I enjoyed this last book much more because it was more polished that the previous books and I recommend reading this series, in order of course, now that the final book is out.
Take Me Under - Rhyannon Byrd Hot and Sexy!
I liked RB's contemporary reads, I thought this book had similarities to an old Ellora's cave pub also by RB, Against the Wall, which I thought was great. I loved that the hero was absolutely crazy about the heroine Reese and showed it. His struggle against his feelings was more dramatic than the action suspense part of this book but that was ok with me, I don't read erotic romance to read about psycho-serial killer stalkers, and this book was hot and sexy and satisfying. I recommend this book to anyone who likes Lisa Marie Rice's and Linda Howard's(early) books.
Hotter Than Ever - Elle Kennedy Hands down the best book of 2013!!
Elle Kennedy is an excellent and skilled writer. It was a pleasure to read this book, Dylan's story which I had anticipated for a while. This was a hot read and what floored me was it was also an emotional read with the various inter-twining storylines woven in and out but never once did I feel a lack of flow to this story. EK does dialogue very well, in fact I would have been happy to just read about how these characters and those from the earlier books interacted in a very entertaining way. Just kidding, I relished the hotness of this story and boy it was scorchingly hot, it was interesting to see how the story was handled as not just an erotic romance but a love story as well, this was amazing to me. Only two other authors Sophie Oak and Barbara Elsborg have ever made menage with bisexual people convincing and entertaining, now this book ranks right up there with the best. I enjoyed this read and would recommend it as the hottest read of 2013.

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